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A Message from the Vice-President of Academic Affairs

The highest possible call to the Christian is that we may “know Him.” Our God in His eternal wisdom has given up the only book by which we may come to better know Him. Jesus said that the Scriptures “testify of me.” All Scripture is to bring us to a greater knowledge of Jesus. MORIAH continues to add faculty that are passionate not only about the course they have mastered, but the Master Himself. This is our first and greatest distinction.

Our second distinction is the practical scheduling that is available to our students. From the weekend intensive classes to taking courses at your own pace in the privacy of your home, MORIAH is right for the 21st century. With the average private Christian university costing around $25,000 a year, taking courses at MORIAH becomes a great bargain. Our greatest desire is to make Christian education available to everyone who is hungry to learn.

Third, we have been called into existence by God to facilitate your personal success in your Christian call and service. Your success is assured because you stay under the covering of your local church and its word without having to go to a campus miles from home. Your success is assured because you will be taking two to three times the number of courses in Bible, theology, and practical ministry than you would be required to take in the finest Christian school.

As we study the Word of God, we get to know the God of the Word. While most Bible Schools are trying to equip the ministry for the work of the ministry, MORIAH recognizes the Biblical mandate to equip the saints in every local church for their work of ministry.

At MORIAH we are studying to know Him! All ministry is an outgrowth of relationship. We do not study “for the ministry,” we study to see and know Him, then He sets in the body as it pleases Him (I Corinthians 12:18). Come grow in Christ and have your ministry gift empowered at MORIAH.

Because of Jesus,

Stephen E. Duke, Th.D., Ph.D. (cand.)
Vice-president of Academic Affairs

Executive Leadership

Dr. Marian B. Jones - President
Rev. Thomas Hale: Executive Director
Stephen Duke: Vice-President of Academic Affairs
Neal Vickers: Vice-President of Academic Development

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