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  MORIAH's Homestudy/Distance Learning Program may be right for you!

The MORIAH Crusade: Taking Christ's Freedom to the World...

Now, more than ever, Christians across the country are tackling tougher and tougher obstacles which seek to confine: work schedules, financial responsibilities, and a greater influence of humanism, to name a few. At the same time, vast numbers of people are experiencing a greater call upon their lives than ever before in human history.

Freeing this tremendous desire to learn and grow makes all the difference between a well intentioned but ineffective program, and a program that results in measurable growth and freedom in people's lives.

For students who are not able to attend a local campus or a regular schedule of classes, MORIAH’s homestudy program offers the same effective theological training in an obtainable way and with the convenience needed to pursue their studies.

 MORIAH offers the following by Homestudy to prospective students who meet our admissions criteria:
-Licensing and Ordination
-Theological Degrees
-Pastoral/Christian Counseling

World Campus - Online Testing Center
Exams may be taken and submitted online. All you need is an internet connection! Your exam results are ready for you in a few minutes after you submit your online answer sheet for grading! The main MORIAH campus office will issue you a login ID and password to enter the MORIAH World Campus once you are registered for your course or courses.

 Getting Started with MORIAH's Homestudy Program (Application Process)
-Application Process for Continental U.S. Students
-Application Process for Foreign Students

 Contact the MORIAH main campus office at 1-910-323-2970 for more information about MORIAH's Homestudy program.

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