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Admissions Requirements
Application Process - U.S. Students
Application Process - Foreign Students
Degree Programs
Homestudy Program
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  Academic Information - Degree Programs, Counseling, and Fellowship

 Undergraduate Degree Programs
-Associate of Theology
-Bachelor of Theology

 Graduate Degree Programs
Master of Theology
Doctor of Biblical Studies
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology

 MORIAH offers the following by Homestudy to prospective students who meet our admissions criteria:
-Licensing and Ordination
-Theological Degrees
-Pastoral/Christian Counseling

 Counseling and Fellowship Programs:
-Christian Counseling
-Ministerial Fellowship

 Admission Requirements

 Application Process - Ready to get Started?
-Application Process for Continental U.S. Students
-Application Process for Foreign Students

 Contact the MORIAH main campus office at 1-910-323-2970 for additional academic information.

Additional Academic information links:

 Degree Programs
 Homestudy Program
 Christian Counseling
 Ministerial Fellowship

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