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  About MORIAH: Our Philosophy
Moriah Institute of Christian Studies has chosen to establish its educational philosophy upon what was laid down in the New Testament concerning the priesthood of all believers. We hold fast that the Scriptures were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through human vessels, and as all are priests, we may let the Scriptures speak uniquely to each individual as that individualís experiences and understanding gives interpretation. As it is the Spirit that makes intercession for us, so does that same Spirit bring enlightenment to the one who studies with open heart and open mind.

Therefore, it is not the intention of Moriah Institute of Christian Studies to embed in the student a predetermined interpretation of Scripture or a dogmatic set of beliefs, but through a spirit of free inquiry, to arm the student with the necessary tools that will allow the individual student to intelligently and spiritually study and show oneself approved. Adhering to the concept of universal priesthood, Moriah Institute of Christian Studies will not seek to restrict the teachings of individual faculty members insofar that they remain within the parameters of the statement of faith. The basis of all areas of study within Moriah Institute of Christian Studies is the Lord Jesus Himself. Every course is for the revelation of His glory.

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