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  About MORIAH: Introduction
Moriah Institute of Christian Studies (MORIAH) is a non-profit corporation licensed in the state of North Carolina. Founded in 2000, we are a distance learning nationwide network of biblical training for individual students and with centers based in local churches under the spiritual guidance of the pastor. Thoroughly Christian in scope and non-traditional in sequence, we are the church training the church to be the church! Dedicated to theological excellence, every instructor teaches only in his/her area of passion and life message. As such, MORIAH brings outstanding biblical instruction to the internet and local church and more importantly, spiritual impartation from teacher to student! (Romans 1:11) MORIAH is not associated with or dependent on any denomination or individual assembly. We are interdenominational and multicultural in relationships and conduct.

Courses are structured in such a way as to allow students to remain in their careers, full-time employment and ministry work, and still attend school for education and training. We provide a variety of approaches students may choose from including Home Study, Classroom Lectures, Workshops, and Active Training.

Moriah Institute of Christian Studies is an interdenominational school of higher learning and is not affiliated by membership with any denomination or religious sect but offers association freely to whosoever will come.

Moriah Institute of Christian Studies is a blessing from God and a precious responsibility that we intend to care for and nurture to the best of our ability. Please pray for MORIAH and for those God would add to help fulfill His vision.

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