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  Christian Counseling


. . . for Pastors, Recovery Pastors, Chaplains, Counselors and Volunteers to be able to better serve in their churches, communities and institutions. MORIAH’s Christian Counseling school is a belief-based program that is committed to teaching overcoming broken relationships, addictions, abuse and other life crisis and situations which lead to moral and social instability.

Christians can be instrumental in leading troubled people to a place where they may rebuild physical and mental health, gain spiritual faith, and give back to others as part of their own help and healing—reflecting the perpetual nature of God. Along with classroom training, students may be directed to various local social organizations and recovery programs for internship opportunities. Interns will work directly with program directors/supervisors—real life experience that can only be gained in authentic atmospheres and situations. Licensing for Pastors, Recovery Pastors and Chaplains will be available based on educational requirements, need in present work, character, and relationship with MORIAH.

 MORIAH’S Christian counseling program provides training for those seeking to minister in the capacity of:
-Recovery Pastor
-Church Counselor
-Volunteer Training
-Pastoral Counseling for Alcohol & Drug
-Criminal Justice
-Domestic Violence

 Contact the MORIAH main campus office at 1-910-323-2970 for more information about Christian Counseling.

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