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  Hosting a Seminar Site FAQ's

Q How is MORIAH different from other Bible Colleges?
A. MORIAH’s seminar-type classes are a combination of individual study and classroom instruction. The actual in-class time is a total of nine hours, and is conducted over a three-day period (a typical schedule is 7 to 10 Thursday and Friday evening and 9 to noon on Saturday). The text, final open-book exam, and other required course work, is completed independently by the student and returned to the local campus.

Q. What are the benefits of hosting a site?
A. Through its hosting network, Moriah Institute of Christian Studies, provides affordable and convenient education to students who might otherwise not be able to attend conventional type schools and Bible Colleges.

Q. What are the requirements for opening a hosting site?
A. A site may be implemented by making application to Moriah International. If the site is in a local church, the pastor serves as the chancellor of the hosting campus and appoints a dean. If the Campus is implemented independent of a church setting, the responsible party generally serves as chancellor and appoints a dean.

Q. How many students are required to begin and maintain a seminar site?
A. While MORIAH provides Distance Learning to individuals, hosting a site needs only a minimum of 5 students in order to conduct video seminars and 15 students to conduct live seminars locally. In addition, Homestudy groups of three or more my be conducted utilizing audio tapes or CDs.

Q. How are tuition fees collected and determined?
A. Minimum core fees are determined by Moriah International, and are collected locally at the hosting site. A portion of the fees are retained by the hosting site for costs related to its operation.

Q. How are books and course materials provided?
A. All materials required for each course are provided to campuses, and are included in the core tuition fee for each student.

Q. Who is responsible for scheduling seminars and instructors?
A. The home office carefully selects instructors who ‘impart’ revelation from their personal studies and life experiences. Seminars are conducted and filmed (at the home campus and select hosting sites) and are edited for viewing by other sites. The chancellor/dean of the hosting site may determine the seminar schedule. Once a campus has a student body of a minimum of 15 students, live instructor seminars may be requested.

Q. Does MORIAH accept credits, degrees and transcripts from other institutes of higher learning?
A. Yes. All Bachelors and Masters degrees, and other academic work regardless of the major area, are accepted. Students are required to submit transcripts and appropriate evidence for evaluation.

Q. Does MORIAH determine advanced standing for ministerial experience?
A. Yes. Just and equitable credits for ministerial experience will be evaluated fairly on an individual basis. Reviewed in this process are ministry positions (including lay work), mission trips, ministerial training, etc.

 If you have a particular question that you did not see answered above, please contact the MORIAH main campus office at 1-910-323-2970.

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