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Moriah Institute of Christian Studies operates for the purpose of equipping the believer; equipping for worship, for evangelism and for service. As Dietrich Bonhoeffer declared, “The Church is the Church only when it exists for others.” MORIAH’s main purpose, as has been stated before, is for the development of the nature of Jesus in each of us: the administration, faculty and student body, alike. We want to be like Him. We want to take on His likeness and Spirit.

To that end, Moriah Institute of Christian Studies offers courses in theology and biblical studies in addition to other pertinent areas of interest. Some of the courses are designed to give a scholarly understanding of Scripture, doctrine and history while others are inspirational—all focusing on the development of the nature and likeness of Jesus within us.

It is through the development of His nature and likeness that we find ourselves equipped for true worship, evangelism and service. To sharpen the talents and skills He has given us in those areas, MORIAH also offers courses in the practical areas of ministry and service. Courses in counseling, worship, teaching, music, etc., will fashion the student into an effective witness and minister to Jesus.

Moriah Institute of Christian Studies also rejoices in the development of Christ acting in community through the knitting together of like-minded servants in fellowship and ministry as well as academics. As has been stated before, and will be again, Moriah Institute of Christian Studies represents the family of Jesus coming together in study and love, remaining together in unity of purpose and going out into all the world to make disciples of all people.

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Your gift to MORIAH will help train and equip hundreds of students each year who are responding to God’s call. Every dollar you give has a multiplying effect for eternity. Ultimately, it is about precious lives – transformed from death to life by our Lord. The messengers are our students and graduates, educated, trained and sent forth.

MORIAH is blessed to have alumni and friends that feel led to support the seminary’s endeavor to equip men and women to reach the world for the gospel. Through current or planned giving, please consider how you can partner with MORIAH to prepare students to fulfill the Great Commission. These gifts are tax deductible and subject to the limitations on charitable gifts.

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